All Natural Cheese Spread - Made in Wisconsin

How to store All Natural Cheese Spread


Glas All Naturals produces products with all natural goodness. We believe the natural flavor of our favorite
foods should stand alone without the influence of
additives or preservatives. Our commitment is to
provide products that your family and friends will be excited to enjoy and proud to serve to others,
just like we do.

Our Clients Say

How We Use It

Nacho Cheese Dip

Adults enjoying the apple and bacon cheeeeeese!!!

Jalapeno cheese burgers

Insert Glas All Naturals jalapeno cheese in the middle of the burgers. They were amazing!

Alfredo Sauce

Glas All Naturals Alfredo sauce turns any noodles into a meal.

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Simply the easiest and best way to make creamy cheesy mashed potatoes. There won't be any leftovers.